a decade of php

Today is the 10th birthday of PHP.  I’ve been using it for a long time now.
I started using PHP on a project for a law firm with Luke Welling.  Began in Perl initially, but the sysadmin – a guy called Adrian Close –  said "here, use this, you’ll really like it".  He was right.
Weirdly enough Luke has recently begun a new job (at hitwise.com) and he’s working with Adrian.  Small world.
After banging our heads against those legal applications – including all kinds of stuff that seemed revolutionary in 1997 – we spent many evenings at the pub (the Cafe Hotel in North Melbourne, gone now for apartments) talking about writing a book on PHP, since there wasn’t one at the time.  That’s how PHP and MySQL Web Development was born.
Half of the interesting things I’ve learned and done and the best people I’ve met in the last ten years  have been thanks to PHP and its fantastic community.  Thanks to PHP and all its developers and users all over the world.  Thanks especially to Rasmus for coming up with it in the first place and evangelizing it ever since.   Many happy returns.

(And thanks Zak for the reminder.)

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