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On Sunday I am off to Ausweb, the Australian web conference that takes place on the Gold Coast in Queensland each year.  I am presenting a paper I wrote called "Mining User Preferences from Web Access Logs and User Public Information".   This paper was the motivation for my PhD going off in the direction it has now gone (Personalization with User Privacy – or PUP for short, as all good projects need a good acronym.)
I will also take part in the UniSites SIG, which is a meeting of people who are involved in managing University web sites in Australia.  I am a bit of a ring in – not involved in day to day operations –  but I am on the University’s Web Steering Committee, which formulates the web strategy for the university.
It would normally be great to go from cold Melbourne to the Gold Coast at this time of year, however yesterday they had some kind of 100 year flood.  News has a picture of an Aussie rescuing his most important possessions from the flood.
Fortunately the airport has reopened so I should definitely be going.  I was beginning to wonder yesterday.

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  1. Laura—

    Thanks for the nice remarks about my keynote at AusWeb. I really enjoyed the conference, and I’m glad that my presentation was well received. Best, Terry Huwe

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