digital libraries and open access research

Another day, another keynote, this one by Terence Huwe,  a librarian from UCB.    This was a great talk, full of inspiring ideas.  He spent some time talking about Open Access research – a great idea, which is to academic research what Open Source is to software.  (The University of California has a summary of their perspective.  I’m really excited about this idea and I would love to hear more about this in a specialist venue like OSCON.

Terence also had some interesting things to say about the role of blogging in digital libraries.  Quote: "Sovereignty over the story is shifting" (comparing blogging to journalism).

He also cited some numbers showing that in this electronic age, physical libraries are becoming ever more popular, with library members at an all time high in many parts of the US.  For example, in San Francisco, 70% of registered voters hold a library card.  He described the library renaissance going on at UCB – the library is open 24/7, has WiFi, an espresso bar, and places to lounge around and discuss and blog.

There were so many interesting things mentioned in this talk, from the idea of  fugitive resources in libraries, to spray on and fog based projectors, that my head is spinning with ideas.  The slides will apparently be online after the conference so I’ll provide a link when they become available.

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