“php style technology”

Today we had a seminar from Dave Lemphers, who is a Developer Evangelist from Microsoft in Melbourne.

He talked about upcoming stuff coming out of Microsoft, but the most memorable line of the talk from my perspective was when he was talking about Visual Studio 2005.  He said "For those that don’t know, ASP.NET is our PHP-style technology".  🙂 How the world has changed.

News was:

  • .NET framework 2.0 has generics, like C++ or Java
  • User interfaces for Longhorn will be done with a thing called Avalon, which is like Flash.
  • They have a new source control system as part of their Team System, which will suck much less than Source Safe, and has a nice concept called "shelving" which is saving code to the server without checking it in.
  • SQL Server 2005 is tuned for access from .NET and will be slower from ODBC, ADO etc.

3 thoughts on ““php style technology””

  1. Some people (yes you Laura) only want to hear what you want to hear. Despite what is actually being said. Your interpretation of the presentation was very interesting nevertheless, just a bit of spin doctoring going on but hey – it’s only your opinion and this is only mine … Pathetic.

  2. Geez, chill out Yil. I was reporting on this comment because it gave me a bit of a chuckle. I’ve been programming in PHP now for many years, and when I started no-one would have made a comment like that. It’s come a long way and I think that’s cool.
    Dave gave a good talk and I think the Team System sounds very interesting. While I am not a big Microsoft user, I am not rabidly anti-MS either. Just on a different career track. They have done really well in terms of communicating with and helping out the academic community here in Australia.

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