oscon day 3 recap

I have now achieved the usual state of zombie-head information overload that one experiences at OSCON.  It’s day 4 now, but I will recap on yesterday.

Yesterday I attended a bunch of really good talks.  I started off at Shane Caraveo‘s Firefox extensions talk.  His blog has links to the slides and code examples which are great and really easy to understand and get started with.  I also got all excited about Yahoo! Widgets (formerly Konfabulator) and I’m now hugely motivated to go and start making things.

I also enjoyed the Oracle and PHP talk given by fellow Melbournian Richard Rendell.  We use Oracle and PHP for a few internal applications inside the university and it’s good to see it getting some airtime.  Zend seem to be building relationships with the big name vendors such as Oracle and IBM very well.   There’s a whole bunch of articles about Oracle and PHP at OTN.

I finished off my day with some PHP talks – Joyce Park on XSLT and Rasmus‘ State of the Union.
Joyce’s talk made me laugh – she talked about FastXSLT, maintained by Sterling Hughes, who said he would only update the extension if she would say publicly "Sterling Hughes is a super pimp".  Which she did.  Rasmus’ talk was good as usual and gave people an idea of what’s been happening with PHP recently.

At that point I gave up and headed off for an iced mocha frappacino – I had jetlag – before the exhibitor hall reception.  This was fine but a little loud – there was a live band there.  Despite the huge size of the conference, the exhibitor hall is much quieter than in previous years.  I don’t know why this is.  After the reception I had planned on going to the world-famous Stonehenge party, but instead I ended up drinking margaritas with Luke, Damon Jordan, Kit Kemper, and Zak Greant.  Apparently the party had a long queue and was very hot – close to 100 (38) degrees in Portland yesterday and today – so I’m glad I stayed in aircon with a cool drink.

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