oscon day 4 – part 2 – shortage of PHP developers

I’m currently sitting in Andi’s talk on "PHP is ready for big business".  He mentioned that there’s a shortage of PHP developers in the Bay area.  (You can see that here from the amount of recruiting going on and the number of job ads posted on boards around the place.) 

I was just talking to Andy Oram from O’Reilly – my university is the source of six PHP and|or MySQL book authors and he wants to know why.  I was thinking about this – RMIT is really a center of excellence in teaching PHP, which is part of the reason, but I think that we were all users of PHP before we started teaching it.  Anyway, we should export some (more) of our graduates to the Bay area, where the salaries are great (especially to Australians), the weather is nice, and they seem to like our accents.  🙂  I have thought about exporting myself to the Bay area a few times now but I love living in Australia.

I have been to a couple of other PHP talks today – Wez on PDO and George on Berkeley DBXML.   It’s an OmniTI miniconf.  They were both good useful talks.

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  1. Personally, I’m interested in relocating to the Portland area, and I’ve also heard some encouraging news about PHP jobs on the west coast. Sorry to use your blog as a forum Laura, but if anyone is picking up this topic and is interested in someone with plenty of PHP and many other skills, please give me a shout.

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