will the real zak greant please stand up?

I was a little freaked to discover my good friend Zak Greant (formerly of MySQL, now working for eZ systems) has not one but two dopplegangers.  (Does that make them triplegangers?)  I was honored to photograph them together.

You can see the photo on FlickrZak is in the middle, Dan Scott on the left, and Kees on the right.  Apparently you must look like this if you would like to give a talk at next year’s OSCON.

4 thoughts on “will the real zak greant please stand up?”

  1. I think I’ll shave my head and grow a goatee for next year. You think that’ll get me accepted?

    Of course, I’ll have to stop being a slacker and actually submit something, I guess. 🙂

  2. PHP Phrasebook Competition, Once Again

    That was quick; after a mere 20 minutes, both copies were gone. One went to Chris Shiflett, who invented a new principle: “security by clarity”. By posting the correct answer as a comment, he obviously wanted to secure that no-one else dared to enter the

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