oscon day 2 evening

After giving our tutorial yesterday (I think it went ok) we headed off to the Portland PHP User Group.  It was great fun but a little surreal.  Terry Chay took some photos of the event.  It basically ran as a Q&A session, with some demos from Terry and Rasmus of Ajax type apps.  Somebody wanted to know about Ming so it gave Luke a chance to get out his flying vulture animation which is probably the most complex app ever written in Ming.  🙂  I will see if I can get him to give me a copy and I’ll post it up here.
Afterwards we spent some time at the VQ bar before heading over to Sun’s OpenSolaris party back at the hotel.  I’m exhausted and the conference proper has only just started. 

oscon day 2 – morning

This morning I am attending Alex Russell’s Learning Ajax tutorial.
Alex begins by making the point that Ajax is not new technologies but same stuff used differently.  There isn’t yet a standard or even an agreed definition (see Wikipedia)  His basic definition is "don’t make the user blink" ie no page reload as data goes to and from the server.  This gives the advantages of desktop apps to a web app.

There’s a lot of working through code in this session, which is a little hard from the back row as the session is sold out.  His examples are at http://dojotoolkit.org/~alex/oscon/demos/  He’s going through the  examples – this stuff is very nice  (otherwise it wouldn’t be so buzzy) but I am sad that we are back to browser detection.  A good site is Quirks Mode (the slug is "hell is other browsers").  I am learning more about what you can return using the XmlHttpRequest – it doesn’t have to be XML, you can return HTML, or plain text, or JavaScript…

I have my own tutorial with Luke this afternoon ("PHP and MySQL Best Practices") and then off to the Portland PHP User Group meeting tonight, so it’s going to be a long day.    I managed an early-ish night last night though, was planning on working but the hotel internet went down about 9.30 so I got more sleep than I intended.  Every other night this week is full so it’s probably just as well.

I am looking forward to our tutorial.  Warning: there will be no discussion of development frameworks in this session (except for explaining why we’re not going to talk about frameworks 😉 ).   There are a bunch of PHP topics and a bunch of MySQL topics so it’s kind of like a set of mini-tutorials.  The good part is if you fall asleep, you can wake up later, and it will still make sense.  We probably have too much material but we’re going to check what the audience is interested in and spend more time on those topics and less on the others.

oscon 2005 day 0 and 1

I love OSCON

We arrived here in Portland on Saturday evening and slept for about 47 hours.  Well actually 15 or so.  On Sunday we spent the afternoon hanging with a bunch of PHP and Perl folks at the Oregon Brewers’ Festival.  This was the second year I’ve been to this festival and it’s really good fun and gives you the opportunity to sample the local microbrews.

Today the conference – and the real fun began.  This morning I attended Stefan Neufeind’s tutorial on XUL.   It was very useful, and he even had some examples linking PHP and XUL.  There are a couple more Firefox development / XUL related talks this week which I plan to attend, since I’ve got to write a Firefox extension shortly for work.

At present I am sitting in Chris Shiflett‘s PHP Security tutorial.  I have seen the short version of this talk before but I thought it would be good to hear the long version and the updates from last year.  Chris is always a great speaker, too.  He’s covering the important fundamentals – filtering input, escaping output – at present.  The PHP Security Guide is the best backgrounder for this stuff – if you haven’t read it, it’s well worth your time.