Conference roundup

The Zend Conference 2006 has just announced their CFP.  I didn’t go to this last year, since it unfortunately clashed with AUUG (CFP) (and also EuroOSCON) but by all accounts it was great.  I’m happy to report they are all on at different times this year, so the truly keen can attend all three.

Sadly, Aaron Wormus reports to us English speakers that the International PHP Conference in Amsterdam is cancelled due to the World Cup.

Finally, the MySQL User Conference is on the last week in April.  I will be presenting a tutorial called Secure Your PHP and MySQL Web Applications and a talk on Upgrading From PHP4 to PHP5.  Wez will talk about PDO, and George has an interesting talk on embedded MySQL.  Hope to see you there.

OSCON 2006

This is coming up again.  I’ll be giving two talks: a tutorial with Luke Welling called "Building an asynchronous multiuser web app for fun … and maybe profit" which is a PHP/Web 2.0  tutorial, and a talk on Writing Maintainable PHP, which is a personal bugbear of mine.

The final grid is yet to be made public, but I can tell you (being on the program committee) that there are some awesome new developments in the PHP track.  Watch this space for details.


Last time I was homesick, I was working in New Zealand.  Took about three days after I arrived.

This time, I seem to have managed to get through two months before it hit.  This time, it was stumbling across this photo that triggered it off.  My life is so completely different now from everything in that picture.  It was Australia Day this year (26 January), about 100 degrees (38 or so), and that’s me with my best mate River.   After this, Luke and I sat in the shade, drank some beers and talked nonsense with good friends Stacey and Peter. Now,  all those people are thousands of miles away and I feel like a different person.  Everything is different here.  I know now how my mother felt.  She immigrated from England to Australia, and she used to talk about how the colors were different, the color of the sky and the color of the grass.  She missed the green of England.  I miss the Australian summer sky, so hot and blue it’s almost yellow.  I miss the hot northerlies sandblasting my face.  I miss sitting in the shade after a horse show, hot, sweaty, and dirty and drinking an ice cold beer with my closest mates.  I miss the golden quality of the light and squinting into it on the long drive home.

I don’t usually put personal stuff in this blog, but today is just different for some reason.

colleagues and their books

So, sometimes working here is like working at an author collective.  The people I work with are really enjoyably smart and verbal, which makes it a great place to work.    There is of course George Schlossnagle‘s awesome book, Advanced PHP.  If you haven’t read it, you should.  However today I want to draw your attention to two of my other co-workers’ magnum opuses (or is that opii?).

Amy Hoy is writing a couple different books for a couple different places on Rails and JavaScript.  To give you a sample of the cool stuff you can expect, you can read her great new article on Help Vampires.  If you read any software related mailing lists you will know this story. 

Theo Schlossnagle has been writing his book on Scalable Internet Architecture[s] for a good time now,  but apparently it’s almost finished, and you can read part of it online.  I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a copy.  Guess you can’t rush a good thing.

And yes, Mark, I promise to do some work on my own book this weekend.  🙂

all done.

I crawled out from under my rock, since we finished work on the new version of Ecelerity.  There have been late nights and plenty of hard work, but it’s a great crew to work with.

My co-worker Amy Hoy has an especially amusing graph in her blog describing life in the land of cross browser hell.  The "confluence event" occurred rather recently.