Off to MySQL UC

I’m just waiting for my ride to the airport for the MySQL Users’ Conference.  I’m really looking forward to it.    My tutorial (Secure Your MySQL and PHP Web Applications) is first thing tomorrow morning.  I understand from O’Reilly that they intend to record parts of the tutorials, so hopefully even if you can’t make it to the conference you might be able to catch up on some of the materials.

I’ll blog from the conference over the next couple of days.  I’m especially looking forward to catching up with some fellow Aussies over a few refreshing beverages.  😉

If you haven’t met me please come and introduce yourself.  I shall be easy to spot  – on crutches – wearing a black OmniTI shirt.

Argh. Apache vs Skype

So I’m relatively new to Skype.  Love it, great free service, blah yada blah.  Great for talking to the family at home.

It never occurred to me that when Apache started complaining that it couldn’t bind to port 80 that Skype had hijacked the port for its own foul purposes.  ("In Skype, we don’t share ours with anyone" for anyone that is familiar with that joke.)   Anyway, problem is now solved (quit Skype, apache -k install, start Skype).

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

Mark Taber prompted this post by saying, "If you didn’t blog it, did it really happen?"

So I popped my knee two and a bit weeks ago walking down the stairs.  Looks like I have torn the meniscus and may require surgery.  If you see me at MySQL UC next week, I’ll be the one on crutches!  (Although I’m trying to wean myself off them.)

Can I just reiterate once again what nice people the folks at OmniTI are?  It’s not
until you have your colleagues/friends driving you to the ER, carrying you around,
and tying your shoes for you, that you realize what good and generous people they
really are.  Thanks guys, you rock.

We are hiring.

We are looking to hire a Junior Web Developer to come work for us at OmniTI here in Columbia MD.

We are a growing internet consulting company and need a smart junior web
developer to work on large scale, robust web applications.

The ideal candidate will have:

Good working knowledge of Perl (mod_perl preferred), SQL (preferably Oracle),
UNIX, and the usual HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

–  Knowledge of database design,
PHP, Ajax, and
general programming skills will be strongly regarded. 

– A bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline.

– Intelligence, intellectual curiosity, problem solving
abilities, sense of responsibility, and drive to learn and self improve.

We offer an unparalleled work environment for smart people with
a sense of humor; challenging projects; and the opportunity to work with and be
mentored by some of the sharpest minds in the business. 

Please include code samples with your application.  Applicants must be eligible to work in the United States.

You can send applications to or directly to me.

There is a senior position coming up as well, details to follow shortly.