ApacheCon early bird deadline extended

ApacheCon EU has extended the early bird deadline to June 6.

The scheduling works really well for attendees interested in PHP:  on the Tuesday you can attend Chris Shiflett‘s Essential PHP Security tutorial in the morning, and my PHP and MySQL Best Practices tutorial in the afternoon.

I’m really looking forward to giving this tutorial: it has all new material and focuses on building scalable, maintainable PHP and MySQL apps.  It should be a great counterpoint to a morning spent with Chris learning how to make those same apps secure.

NYPHP Conference 2006

I will be speaking at the New York PHP Conference in a few weeks (June 14-16), on the topic of Writing Maintainable Code, a personal bugbear of mine.  I think of it as an anti-The-Daily-WTF talk, and it should be more entertaining than it perhaps sounds.  (If you’ve never read the WTF, I strongly recommend it both for entertainment and enlightenment.)    I believe in terse, elegant code that gets the job done, which perhaps reflects my origins as a C programmer rather than as a Java one.  (That ought to get me some flaming comments 🙂 )

Hope to see some of you in New York.

Knee fixed.

You may remember I stuffed up my knee eight weeks ago.  I finally had surgery yesterday and now I can walk, yay!  I had:

Completely shredded the meniscus (inside of leg, I think that’s
medial), which they have mostly removed as there wasn’t enough of it
left to repair.
– They thought I hadn’t hurt my ACL but when they
opened up my leg they discovered it wasn’t attached to anything. The
surgeon thinks I may have been walking around with no ACL since I hurt
my knee skiing (and didn’t go to the doctor) 9 years ago. He says I can
get away without it for riding, running, and skiing. If I want to take
up basketball or tennis they’ll try and fix it. Ha.
– They also
sanded over my patella, which had lots of damage to it from one if not
all of the knee injuries I’ve done over the years (dancing, skiing, and
this most recent incident).
I can walk, yay. Without the
meniscus I will probably need a knee replacement down the track. I was
worried about this until I talked to a few people one of whom is now
back to riding 12 horses a day post-replacement.
I feel good
and will have the stitches out Wednesday. I am encouraged to walk (walked out
of hospital an hour after surgery) and can drive later today.
Thanks everybody for all the well wishes and help I have received.

OmniTI acquires Brain Bulb

…which means I now look across my desk at the smiling face of one Chris Shiflett.

This means we’re ramping up our consulting offerings in the security sector here at OmniTI,  which is really exciting for us.   Chris’s expertise is certainly a great fit here.  (For more information you can read the press release, Chris’s blog, or George’s blog.)

Welcome to the "OmniTI brain trust", Chris.  I’m sure you’ll have a ball.

ApacheCon Europe 2006

I will be giving a tutorial at ApacheCon Europe 2006 titled "PHP and MySQL Best Practices 2.0".  This is a brand new sequel to the best practices tutorial I’ve delivered in the past, with all new material.  I’ll cover techniques for creating robust,
maintainable, scalable applications on an Apache, PHP, and MySQL
platform. In this 2.0 version of the tutorial I’ll specifically look at
the challenges of applying these principles in the Web 2.0 sphere.
Topics include:

  • Best practice architectures for LAMP web apps
  • Design for growth
  • Managing legacy applications
  • Testing and debugging (focusing on Web 2.0 apps)

Attendees should walk away with a better understanding of engineering
large web applications.

There are some really interesting talks in the schedule.  My colleague at OmniTITheo Schlossnagle, has two tutorials, one on "Scalable Internet Architectures", and a new one, "Production Troubleshooting".  Chris Shiflett will give his "Essential PHP Security" tutorial, as well as talks on security and testing.  I also look forward to seeing Christian Wenz, Andrei Zmievski, John Coggeshall, and of course Rasmus giving their PHP talks.