ApacheCon Europe 2006

I will be giving a tutorial at ApacheCon Europe 2006 titled "PHP and MySQL Best Practices 2.0".  This is a brand new sequel to the best practices tutorial I’ve delivered in the past, with all new material.  I’ll cover techniques for creating robust,
maintainable, scalable applications on an Apache, PHP, and MySQL
platform. In this 2.0 version of the tutorial I’ll specifically look at
the challenges of applying these principles in the Web 2.0 sphere.
Topics include:

  • Best practice architectures for LAMP web apps
  • Design for growth
  • Managing legacy applications
  • Testing and debugging (focusing on Web 2.0 apps)

Attendees should walk away with a better understanding of engineering
large web applications.

There are some really interesting talks in the schedule.  My colleague at OmniTITheo Schlossnagle, has two tutorials, one on "Scalable Internet Architectures", and a new one, "Production Troubleshooting".  Chris Shiflett will give his "Essential PHP Security" tutorial, as well as talks on security and testing.  I also look forward to seeing Christian Wenz, Andrei Zmievski, John Coggeshall, and of course Rasmus giving their PHP talks.

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