OmniTI acquires Brain Bulb

…which means I now look across my desk at the smiling face of one Chris Shiflett.

This means we’re ramping up our consulting offerings in the security sector here at OmniTI,  which is really exciting for us.   Chris’s expertise is certainly a great fit here.  (For more information you can read the press release, Chris’s blog, or George’s blog.)

Welcome to the "OmniTI brain trust", Chris.  I’m sure you’ll have a ball.

2 thoughts on “OmniTI acquires Brain Bulb”

  1. Congratulations, Brain Bulb!

    I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate Chris Shiflett and Brain Bulb on their recent acquisition by OmniTI.

    With George, Wez, Laura, Amy, and, now, Chris, OmniTI are quickly becoming a company of PHP all-stars.

    OmniTI: The Other PHP Compan…

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