Upcoming conferences and general news

I haven’t blogged in a while as I’ve been super busy with work.

I have two conference engagements coming up:  the PHP and MySQL Best Practices tutorial and the Maintainable Code talk at ApacheCon in Austin this week, and the Maintainable Code talk at my local conference – the DC PHP Conference – the week after.  I hope to see some of you there.

At OmniTI we’ve just (last weekend) moved into new offices.  They are really nice, much much larger, and with lots of bonus features like a training room.   I hope to use it to host local PHP and Perl usergroups, so stay posted for more on that shortly.  I have windows all around my desk, which is really nice, too.  We now have lots of empty desks, although some of them are starting to be filled, which is great news.  (There are still positions open, though – you knew I was going to mention that, right?  Zend tells me this is the best place in the US for a PHP developer to live.)

I still struggle with homesickness every day.  Riding here has helped a lot, and I have my first Horse Trials in the US at Iron Bridge Hounds on the 15th.  Wish me luck.