MySQL, Windows, and building community

I saw this today in Ilia’s blog.  In a nutshell, Kaj’s announcement explains that this is the first source-only release of MySQL Community Edition, version 5.0.33.  He points out "I expect the next Community release, 5.0.35, to be available as source
and binaries for the same platforms as MySQL Enterprise Server and as
the previous MySQL Community Server binary release 5.0.27. Until that
point in time, the 5.0.27 binaries will be the ones listed on the
normal MySQL 5.0 download pages at"
  That is, this won’t be the last of Windows binaries (for now at least).

Knowing the MySQL community and new MySQL users pretty well, this is a step in an interesting direction.  Last time I heard some numbers from a MySQL staffer, roughly half of the MySQL downloads were for Windows.  On the other hand, there are not many enterprise customers running MySQL on Windows.  So who are these people who are downloading MySQL for Windows?

I know who a lot of them are: they are the same people that buy our book.  People who are learning about MySQL.  These guys are never going to a) buy the Enterprise edition, or b) compile it themselves.  What they do do is swell the userbase.  If many developers know how to use your product, more companies will adopt it.

Some may say that it doesn’t matter that these people are a few versions behind and that’s fairly much true.  I am mostly commenting here because these seems like a step in a particular direction, just as splitting the licenses into Community and Enterprise was another step in this direction.  If things continue in this direction, we may one day look back and say "That was where they started to go wrong."  I hope I’m wrong.

2006 Year in Review

In the style of everybody else I know I thought I’d post my year in review.  2006 was a crazy, crazy year for me.


  • Rode my first decent EFA dressage test
  • Said goodbye to family and friends
  • Moved to Columbia MD for three months to work at OmniTI.


  • Began work in MD, working on Ecelerity webconsole
  • Made new friends, found a place to ride, met lots of new horsy people
  • Fell over on the ice a lot
  • Fell in love with working at OmniTI


  • Finished work on Ecelerity 2.1
  • Got disgustingly homesick
  • Got promoted to Director of Web Development, and made tentative plans to stay in MD


  • Tore the cartilage in my knee and began eight miserable weeks on crutches and doped up on painkillers
  • Thanked the powers that be for my friends who helped me in this crisis when I was on the opposite site of the planet from my husband and support system
  • Was visited by Luke
  • Spoke at MySQL UC, on crutches


  • Chris became a Principal
  • Finally had knee surgery and could walk again
  • Started riding again


  • Spoke at NYPHP
  • Babysat the office while everybody else was out of town
  • Spoke at ApacheCon in Dublin


  • Went home for the first time since January
  • Went to OSCON and gave a tute and a talk


  • Returned to MD, further homesickness ensued.
  • Went to Germany for long awaited vacation with Luke


  • Travelled to Microsoft for the Web Dev summit
  • Moved to our new, bigger office in Columbia, started hiring a few more staff to fill it


  • Spoke at ApacheCon in Austin and DCPHP
  • Rode in my first US horse trials (and was 5th)
  • Had a hideous car accident


  • Appointed Principal and took a trip home to celebrate


  • Moved into my own house in MD at last
  • Divisional Champion at a jumper show
  • Trip home, Christmas, need I say more?

It’s been a year of amazing ups and downs.  Here’s hoping 2007 has just as many ups and less downs.

I took a photo as a marker of where I am right now:

Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man. 
-Benjamin Franklin

Not only is another world possible, she is on her way.  On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.
– Arundhati Roy