kiwi foo, morale, and body enhancement

Today I am at Kiwi Foo Camp, also known as Baa Camp.

It’s entertaining and educational.  I’ve met a bunch of people I have not met before – I’ve kind of gotten used to knowing lots of people at conferences that I go to.  This one has a large quotient of New Zealanders and hence I’m meeting tons of new people.

I gave a talk this afternoon called From Startup to Google:  How do I grow?  where I looked at a bunch of issues to do with growing companies: how to start, how to fund yourself, how to hire good people, and how to implement a basic software process.  One of the issues I talked about is something I feel really strongly about, and that is developing your company to have a good culture, making it a place where you and other people want to work, and where people can be passionate about what they want to do.  I have noticed that this often falls by the wayside as companies grow large, and a friend of mine commented that it seems to happen somewhere around the 100-200 employee mark.  I’m interested to know what other people think.

I’ve been to some great talks today: a free flowing discussion on user experience and another on email security, and a talk by Robert O’Brien on Atom, another on agile web dev tools, but the real humdinger of the day for me was Quinn Norton on body modification and enhancement.  The concept of a drug that allows you to control your sleep, implanted rare earth magnets that let you feel your hard drive spinning in your fingertips, or another drug that makes you tanned, thin, and increases your libido…well, who wouldn’t be interested? It’s like ShadowRun made real.

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