OmniTI Labs Launched

I am delighted and excited to announce the launch of OmniTI Labs, a repository of Open Source software generated by OmniTI staff in the course of their work.

This is a project we’ve been talking about internally for a long time.  In the course of our work we produce a lot of bespoke code for various clients, or for internal use, or as part of our products. Some of this code consists of things that can be generalized for re-use by ourselves and others.  Given we have so many open source type people here, it seemed obvious that we should have a place to put all of those things for people to use.

The site is a launchpad to access the various Subversion repositories and Trac wikis for the various projects.  Some of the projects are things that have been around for a long while and are not new, but have a new home.  Some of the pieces are brand new code that has never seen the light of day outside the Omniplex before.  Some of the pieces are mature, and some in eXtreme alpha.

We’ll be adding more and more to this repository over the coming months, so keep your eyes open.  There’s an RSS feed of project announcements available on the site home page.


2 thoughts on “OmniTI Labs Launched”

  1. Heh, Patrick, thanks. It’s funny you should say that, but it’s basically one page of PHP (the rss feed etc) in front of trac, which is Python.

    However, for more on Ruby…read my latest rant. 🙂

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