OSCON Day Zero

Yesterday I arrived in Portland for OSCON and headed straight down to the PGDay.  I missed the start, but caught part of Rob Napier’s talk on "Build a PostgreSQL Web 2.0 Application in 10 Minutes", Theo Schlossnagle on PostgreSQL with Solaris, and Chris Travers talking about LedgerSMB.

Rob’s framework allows non programmers to build RIAs fairly simply, and seems to be aiming at the Filemaker or Access market, which is a large one that when we’re thinking about big sexy databases tends to get overlooked.   Theo talked mostly about the wonders of Postgres combined with ZFS (which obviously is something I’ve heard a bit about before) – it was a good talk.  I must admit I was flagging a bit during Chris’ talk, having missed lunch, but he looked at LedgerSMB internals.

Afterwards everybody headed up to the PGParty at the Courtyard Marriott. (pictures here) Overall a good lead in day.

Monday I’m spending the morning in Wez and Marcus’ Extending PHP tutorial, and the afternoon in various phone calls and doing a video podcast…should all be fun.  I’ll be taking it easy Monday night since our tutorial is at 8.30 on Tuesday, unfortunately.

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