On Open Source: PHP Video Podcast

At OSCON this year Luke and I recorded a video podcast for Informit, talking mostly about the current state of PHP.  This is part of Informit’s podcast series On Open Source

Part 1
Part 2

I rant about frameworks, Luke talks about PHP security, and we offer advice for young programmers.  I hope you enjoy it, it was fun to record.

(As a note: I’m really really hyper in this.  It’s fear of people pointing cameras at me, and also the fact that I need to move when I talk – now you know why I have to walk around the stage when I’m talking at a conference – because if I have to sit down I am forced to wave my hands around and make faces like a crazy person in order to express myself adequately.)

I mention in the podcast not taking on any technology as a religion: I’m in the process of drafting a blog post, so watch this space for more on that topic.

PHP Best Practices at ApacheCon

Luke and I will be speaking on PHP Best Practices at ApacheCon on Tuesday November 13th in sunny downtown Atlanta.  This is a half day tutorial which we try to tailor to what people want to hear about on the day.  We’ll get into the nitty gritty of writing clean, fast, secure code.    ApacheCon is a great conference.  I’ve heard some murmurs recently that tech conferences are getting less technical.  The talks at ApacheCon tend towards the engineering heavy and the speakers are some of the best techies in the industry.  I hope some of you can join us! 

Headed to ZendCon

I’m headed to ZendCon tomorrow evening.  I get in pretty late Tuesday and will be at the conference all day Wednesday and Wednesday night (and in at Mozilla HQ on Thursday).   My talk, "Premium PHP", is at 4pm on Wednesday the 10th.

Looks like some people in the PHP blogosphere are already having fun out there, so I look forward to catching up.  See you there!