Frameworks, Addons, Firefox, busy busy busy.

I’m about to leave for Orlando where I will speak at CakeFest One tomorrow on the subject of building the API using CakePHP.  The whole of the website is built with Cake, and we believe it to be the biggest installation (in terms of traffic) in the world.  I’ll post slides after the presentation, and a bit more information about the numbers and so on.

Building the API has consumed my thoughts for the last few months.  It’s used by the new Addons Manager in Firefox 3, which will be in beta 3.  (You can read Madhava Enros’ blog entry on the subject for a preview).  After beta 3 is out, I plan on blogging more about the API details.  I’m still ironing out bugs and doing some peformance tuning.

In addition to my involvement with Cake these days, I have recently been associated with two new framework books.  I acted as a tech reviewer for Mike Naberezny and Derek DeVries’ "Rails for PHP Developers" (Pragmatic, 2008) and wrote the foreword for Cal Evans’ "Guide to Programming with Zend Framework" (php|architect, 2008).  These books are now available, so please enjoy the fruits of the authors’ labor.

I can’t help but find it amusing that something I’m (in)famous for not being a fan of has dominated my professional life for the last six or so months.  I’ll have to write more about my thoughts on these three frameworks soon…but right now I’ve got too much work to do 🙂 and a plane to catch, besides.

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