4 thoughts on “Foxes”

  1. I think that’s a bit of an over-reaction there Pablo.

    In Australia foxes are feral vermin and are problematic because of people keeping sheep and chickens (of which they will eat both). Around here they are pretty well supplied with field mice, squirrels, voles, and so on. They have also been seen sneaking into the feed room to snack on sweet horse feed (makes their coats nice and shiny).

    As another side note, around here “fox hunting” is often referred to as “fox chasing” as (in this part of the US at least) hunts don’t kill foxes.

  2. I think he is getting confused with Coyotes, and the only reason they do those things is probably because we build houses where they used to live, and we get upset at the fact that they are one of the few animals who could adapt. The foxes look great, and I hope they have long, healthy lives.

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