Write Beautiful Code at OSCON

I gave my talk yesterday at OSCON 2008, and here are the slides.

It’s interesting – I think every time I have given this talk I focus on a slightly different aspect. Yesterday it was the importance of decoupling parts of your application architecture as much as possible. This is better for security reasons (allows paranoid coding practices), for scaling (allows you to switch out and/or scale components independently and quickly), and for maintainability.

OSCON is good as usual – if you’re here be sure to join Mozilla at Beerforge tonight, and come say hi.

4 thoughts on “Write Beautiful Code at OSCON”

  1. Hi, my name is Cairo Noleto, I’m PHP Developer in Brazil.

    Unfortunately I’m not go to OSCON 2008 but I’m read your slides and I liked very much the tips for write beauty code. Sorry my english I’m use just my mind to write this and in little time I’m speak and write full english 😉

    See you later!

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