A Year at Mozilla

This week marks one year I have been at Mozilla.  I’ve always found milestones a good time for reflection, so I tend to think back around these times.

Since I started at Mozilla, I’ve been lucky enough to work on some great projects, including:

– Developing the AMO (http://addons.mozilla.org) API, used by Firefox 3 for the Addons Manager

– Scaling SUMO (http://support.mozilla.com) in preparation for Download Day

– Leading development for SUMO

– Helping plan the PHP5 migration for our web properties, and migrating AMO

– Working with Chris Pollett on full text search for AMO

– Working with Jacob Potter, one of our awesome interns this summer, on Melanion, our loadtesting webapp

– Working with Legal on an upcoming project

– Designing and planning a Single Sign On solution for all of the Mozilla web properties.

There’s been a lot of travel including to the superb Firefox Summit at Whistler, which was one of the highlights of my year.

I’ve also been pretty slack about blogging over the last year, I note, because some of these things really deserve their own entries.

The Mozilla firehose takes a while to absorb, but finally it dawns on you that this place is really really different from other companies, and in a very good way.  John Lilly was calling it “chaord” which is an excellent description – pushing control and responsibility out to the edges.  In some ways it reminds me of academia, with regard to both the autonomy we have and the rigor in the way we do things, in other ways the organic anarchy of many other Open Source projects.

I’m also really lucky, and feel privileged, to work with such a good group of people, both in my own team and in the whole of the organization.

On a more personal note, I’m a much happier person now than I was when I started this job.  I don’t think I’ll ever be the same person who came to the USA for three months three years ago, but I guess time changes everyone.  (Even this year hasn’t been straightforward or quiet on a personal level, but it’s been easier.)

Here’s to many more years of good work with the good people at Mozilla.