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Knee fixed.

You may remember I stuffed up my knee eight weeks ago.  I finally had surgery yesterday and now I can walk, yay!  I had:

Completely shredded the meniscus (inside of leg, I think that’s
medial), which they have mostly removed as there wasn’t enough of it
left to repair.
– They thought I hadn’t hurt my ACL but when they
opened up my leg they discovered it wasn’t attached to anything. The
surgeon thinks I may have been walking around with no ACL since I hurt
my knee skiing (and didn’t go to the doctor) 9 years ago. He says I can
get away without it for riding, running, and skiing. If I want to take
up basketball or tennis they’ll try and fix it. Ha.
– They also
sanded over my patella, which had lots of damage to it from one if not
all of the knee injuries I’ve done over the years (dancing, skiing, and
this most recent incident).
I can walk, yay. Without the
meniscus I will probably need a knee replacement down the track. I was
worried about this until I talked to a few people one of whom is now
back to riding 12 horses a day post-replacement.
I feel good
and will have the stitches out Wednesday. I am encouraged to walk (walked out
of hospital an hour after surgery) and can drive later today.
Thanks everybody for all the well wishes and help I have received.


Last time I was homesick, I was working in New Zealand.  Took about three days after I arrived.

This time, I seem to have managed to get through two months before it hit.  This time, it was stumbling across this photo that triggered it off.  My life is so completely different now from everything in that picture.  It was Australia Day this year (26 January), about 100 degrees (38 or so), and that’s me with my best mate River.   After this, Luke and I sat in the shade, drank some beers and talked nonsense with good friends Stacey and Peter. Now,  all those people are thousands of miles away and I feel like a different person.  Everything is different here.  I know now how my mother felt.  She immigrated from England to Australia, and she used to talk about how the colors were different, the color of the sky and the color of the grass.  She missed the green of England.  I miss the Australian summer sky, so hot and blue it’s almost yellow.  I miss the hot northerlies sandblasting my face.  I miss sitting in the shade after a horse show, hot, sweaty, and dirty and drinking an ice cold beer with my closest mates.  I miss the golden quality of the light and squinting into it on the long drive home.

I don’t usually put personal stuff in this blog, but today is just different for some reason.